Meridian Memories | Wednesday Wandering

Happy New Year!  I can’t believe it is already 2016, I don’t know if it is just me, but I am pretty sure every year that passes goes by quicker and quicker.  All I know is EJ, and I are incredibly lucky to have the families that we do.  With basketball being in full swing during the holidays, being with family is quite difficult to accomplish.  Which is why it is so great that my Dad and Mom and EJ’s Mom and Sister all came out to Boise to be with us after Christmas!  It certainly made it extra special for us.  And to top it off, EJ had no idea his Mom and Sister were coming so he got a great Christmas surprise when some carolers came to our door and it was Kris and Katie!

Here is a little peak at some of the shenanigans we got into!  Night one was not documented but it involved some surprise carolers, opening Christmas presents, and lots of love and laughs getting caught up on everyone’s lives!  Day two included a chilly lunch at 10 Barrel and exploring Freak Alley, both downtown Boise before heading to the game.  We then had a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here, Fork, always a great idea.  We finished off the night with a few drinks and billiards for the boys.

Image Source | barbaraGLEN & Katen Singler

The next day included some post Christmas shopping, lots more eating and drinking, and we topped off the night down at The Village at Meridian.  We got to enjoy the festive lights, sip on some toasty drinks at Twigs, and do a little outdoor dancing with the wonderful Christmas music playing.  Don’t worry, lots of video was captured for personal records haha!  And yes you are correct, the ladies do indeed have matching winter hats that are ridiculously cozy, soft and warm and the boys have matching winter scarves! Props to Katie and Kris for this great addition to the night.

Image Source | barbaraGLEN & Katen Singler

As the next day was another game day we made sure to get rested up after a busy few days and an incredibly filling lunch.  Luckily we saved room for some pre game drinks at The Grove Hotel, which is in the same building as the basketball arena.  It was perfect, we warmed up and listened to a wonderful pianist before heading over to the game.  After our late game night we headed home for a different kind of game night with a few hilarious rounds of Heads Up that lead to endless laughing!

Image Source | barbaraGLEN

We started off the next morning at our favorite breakfast spot, The Griddle, another crowd pleaser.  This was Kris and Katie’s last day so they had a relaxing afternoon with EJ.  Checking out the Capital building, and meeting the Governor, after some wonderful massages.  At the same time I went with my parents up to Bogus Basin to hit the slopes.  This was my first time back on a snowboard in I think 7 years, which is embarrassing and shameful ha so I was quite nervous that I may have lost it all.  Thank goodness it all came back right away and we had an amazing day riding, although I was totally exhausted by the time we headed home!  In an effort to replenish any carbs that may have been burnt, we went out to a heavenly Italian dinner at Gino’s that night.  I think I may still be full, but it was more than worth it haha YUM, a new favorite added to the list.  As you can see we like to eat.  The next day was NYE and my parents hit the road, but not before the three of us followed in the footsteps of EJ, Katie, and Kris by getting some great massages to loosen up our sore snow muscles haha!

Image Source | barbaraGLEN

As you can see it was a seriously great few days for us, adding loads of great new material to the memory banks and giving us some much needed mid season family time! The only thing that could have added to it would have been having the full pack.  We were just missing the three boys; my brother Preston, EJ’s brother Kyle, and EJ’s dad Ed.  Regardless it made for an amazing 6 days for us, we can’t thank our families enough for making the effort to come out!

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