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Remember those earlier posts when I mentioned multiple times that EJ and I got to celebrate love all summer long as guests at four weddings this last summer… well I wasn’t just bragging about our awesome friends, I was prepping you for the fact that I would be sharing all of their weddings with you all!  So we will begin with the newly minted Parkers ❤

Today you get to meet Erica and Tyler, also known as Mr. and Mrs. Parker!  We were lucky enough to all attend the University of Oregon together so once they started dating back in 2011 we got to make some unforgettable memories together.  Erica grew up around Eugene and Tyler is from the Portland area, and they now live downtown Portland.  We spent most of the summer up in Portland while EJ played in the Portland ProAm,  this meant we got a summer full of fun with our friends, one for the books!  Barbecuing on their balcony is pretty great, I plan on inviting myself over for many more delicious evenings.  If you follow me on Instagram you certainly saw these two faces pop up more than once this summer, and will be seeing more of them in the future.  But today you get an inside look into their big day, and a few of the events leading up to it.

I will get you started with a quick lead up to the big day and a couple teaser photos.  There are a few engagement photos taken by their photographer Maya Dooley, they are the obviously beautiful and professional images in this gallery haha good work Maya!  The rest are either taken by my iPhone or stolen from their respective social media accounts haha. I also snuck a couple in from the reception that were on my phone in an effort to not disturb the other beautiful galleries full of Maya’s photography.

In February of last year Tyler made his move and put a ring on it with a romantic candle lit proposal, good work Ty!  We were all so happy, already imaging the fun that was to come while toasting to the Parkers.  We were lucky enough to be in town for their couple’s shower in July when the parties began #letsgetparkered!  They had a great ‘Stock the Bar‘ shower on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, if you don’t know what this is take a look at Pinterest!  As you can see they even had adorable little cookies of wine glasses and wine bottles with their names on them.  Madelyn and I had fun with these tasty little bites!  It also just so happens that when we went to take a group photo we noticed we color coordinated quite well.  As someone with a bit of OCD over things like this I was quite excited ha, nothing better than a good group photo!  Next up was the rehearsal dinner that included a taco truck, so I was a happy camper.  The night before the wedding is always so much fun, the excitement is building and you can just feel it in the air.  By this time all the guest from out of town had made it to Portland so this only added to the fun.  Ending with a crew of totally overdressed friends line dancing the night away at a country bar and the Sims hosting a big kid sleep over, aka a perfect night!

When August 8th came around it was time to put our big kid shoes back on, get fancy, and get Parkered!  The wedding was held at The Sentinel, downtown Portland.  With the breathtaking landscapes Oregon has to offer, the stunning indoor wedding venues can sometimes be overlooked.  So when I heard they were holding their wedding at The Sentinel I was excited to see what it would be like to attend a wedding there as a guest instead of as a coordinator, and it was everything I remembered!  Even the rooms they got ready in were beautiful and full of natural light.  Getting ready photos are always fun for me to see as it is so sweet to see the excitement on their faces as the ceremony approaches.  That look on her face when she slips on her gown and knows it is really happening!  I also love that the guys went downstairs to the bar to take some photos, going old school and looking quite dapper.

Once it was time for the ceremony everyone gathered in to the beautiful blue room that was accented with white chairs and white hydrangeas.  The aisle was beautifully lined in white pedals that accented the great design of the carpet.  The bridesmaids wore navy dresses that accented Tyler’s suit so well.  The groomsmen sported cool grey and were all gifted seriously stylish dress shoes for the big day.  Watching Tyler as Erica came down the aisle was so sweet, I love to watch the groom light up when he sees his blushing bride!  After their ceremony we all headed into the ballroom for cocktail hour while they took off to the other side of the river to take some great images on the waterfront with the Portland cityscape in the background!

Image Source | Maya Dooley Photography

An intricately detailed whitewashed ballroom, accented with white hydrangea welcomed us to the reception.  They had a projector going with pictures of Erica and Tyler through the years on the main wall to watch throughout the evening, and all the columns lit down the side walls.  The dance floor was directly below the projected images and in front of all the tables which was great for the night’s festivities to come.  We heard some great speeches and spent the evening eating great food, toasting the newlyweds, and of course dancing the night away.  It made for quite the city chic reception that I would be happy to attend again next summer haha #letsgetparkered again!

Image Source | Maya Dooley Photography


Photography | Maya Dooley Photography     Venue | The Sentinel, with special thanks to Julie Weiss     Catering | Jake’s Grill     Bridal Gown | Anna’s Bridal     Floral | Tall Drink of Water



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