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It is an absolutely beautiful day out here in Idaho, and as I sit outside soaking up the sun and listening to Country Gold on Spotify, I can’t help but smile!  I can’t think of a better way to get the juices flowing and get ready to share today’s post.  Today you get to meet my cousin Courtney and her new husband Brandon, now known as Mr. & Mrs. Williams!

Courtney and Brandon tied the knot back in mid August, just one week after The Parkers!  The forrest fires were turning the Rogue Valley into a smoke filled mess as they always do in August, but not on August 15th!  The winds came in and cleared the skies for the day, there was loads of sunshine and fresh air, it was marvelous.  We got to enjoy the beautiful Eagle Creek Estates as it was meant to be!

Their love story started back in the Spring of 2013, and by Fall of 2014 Brandon popped the question!  At the time we were living in Estonia so my Mom got the task of taking my measurements to the dress shop and get my bridesmaid dress ordered, hoping it would fit when we returned in June haha, thanks Mom!  I also got to design an invite for Courtney’s shower and was back in time to attend so I was beyond pleased.  Add to that the fact that we had not yet been assigned to a new team for the 15-16 season and I was lucky enough to actually attend the wedding and perform my bridesmaid duties, YAY!  So happy all the pieces fell into place! 
The night before the wedding we all went over to their house for rehearsal dinner and afterwards all the ladies stayed the night there together and got to wake up with the bride on her big day!  As you can imagine, ten women all getting ready for a wedding together takes almost an entire day haha!  With the help of matching robes, silly playlists, and tasty mimosas, we managed to help each other out and get ready in time for pictures!  The boys appear to have had a great day as well, with no lack of smiles and plenty of beer.

We all went out and watched as they had their sweet first look before the wedding. Courtney looked beautiful in her gown standing under the shade of the trees as Brandon first laid eyes on her.  He was wearing a black suit and a white vest with a black cowboy hat.  The groomsmen all wore black suits with mint vests and ties while the bridesmaids wore matching mint dresses.  The ladies also got to accessories with our favorite pair of cowgirl boots and sock buns to top it all off.  And let me just say, once it was time to dance, I was very thankful for my boots!

Image Source | Gypsy Jane Photography

The ceremony was on the back lawn of Eagle Creek Estates, with the lovely Eagle Creek and forested mountains setting a great backdrop for their altar.  The reception was set just to the right of the ceremony with the creek on one side and a big brown barn on the other, with market lights strung throughout!  It was the perfect backdrop for Brandon and Courtney to dance the night away with family and friends.  It was a wonderful day celebrating the newlyweds, we are all so happy for them to start their life together!  Thanks to Gypsy Jane Photography for sharing the wonderful photos of their big day!

Image Source | Gypsy Jane Photography


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