Our Own Bit of March Madness 

Today I am writing a quick little note to update everyone on our current whereabouts and get any advice I can on places to explore while in Canada.

It’s officially been a week since I arrived in Toronto. Some of you may be wondering what in the world are you doing in Canada?  Well, While I was visiting my friends in Turkey I got a phone call from EJ.  He woke up on Sunday to find out that he had been traded from the Idaho stampede to the Raptors 905.  Meaning that the remainder of the season would be spent in Ontario, Canada.  While this certainly came as a shock to us, Toronto has always been on my list of places to see, so I was excited to explore.

EJ had to move the same day that he found out he was traded, so as you can imagine, this added a bit chaos to it all and meant that the two weeks spent apart while I was in Turkey would be extended.   I was beyond happy once we got things a bit more organized and decided I would be coming to Toronto quickly after returning from my trip!  Luckily we have basically become professionals at moving so I knew I could manage the task of packing up our Boise apartment into our car when I got home from Turkey on Wednesday night.  I may have a few new bruises, but I managed to fit everything into our car successfully and drive it all to Portland by Friday evening.  It was an incredibly busy day of packing on Thursday, but I was happy to spend the day driving on Friday as it meant I was another step closer to finally being back with EJ.  It was a beautiful drive from Boise to Portland that I had never done, so I loved all the new scenery 84 had to offer.  Not to mention Dutch Bros white coffee magically kept me awake the entire seven hour drive!

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My flight to Toronto was out of Portland, hence driving our things to Portland instead of Medford.  Thank goodness for the amazing Kemple’s who are safely storing our car full of all our possessions for the three weeks remaining in the season!  While I was in Portland I got to stay with my little love bug Shelby for a girls weekend.  She had booked a flight to come visit us in Boise, but after the trade that obviously didn’t work out.  So I was beyond happy that I got to spend time catching up with her before heading to Canada, we even got to do a little cross country skiing which you can see on Instagram via @divasoutdoors.

Monday morning my flight just so happened to be at the exact same time as Katie’s flight so we got to share a very early morning cab to PDX.  Side note, ask her about her amazing Sunday night at Justin Bieber haha!  While my initial plan was to arrive in Toronto at 4:30pm and make it to EJ’s 6:00pm Monday night game, their game got rescheduled to noon on Monday.  While I was sad to be missing the game, it did mean that they got to play downtown in the Air Canada center where the Toronto Raptors play and they got a win with a huge crowd so all was well.  Plus I got to watch the game on my phone thanks to the awesome D League app.  This also meant I got to see EJ as soon as I arrived, so again, happy girl!  When I finally made it to our hotel I was so excited I could hardly contain myself haha, I suddenly forgot what jet lag was and felt like I had a world of energy.  Good thing as just 45 minutes after I arrived we left the hotel and headed downtown back to the Air Canada center to watch the Raptors beat the Bulls in OT.  A seriously great game, add to that the delicious dinner after, of course including poutine, and I was the definition of fat and happy ❤

Since arriving in Canada I have mostly just been getting back on track and trying to plan out some cool places to go see while we are here.  And of course taking in maximum amounts of Raptors 905 basketball and the seriously mad March Madness that is going on in America…GO DUCKS!  It has been a wonderful first week and I am so happy I got to witness a great win by Raptors 905 in their home arena on Saturday! Crazy to think we only have two weeks left here, with this said I am looking for an suggestions of things to do, places to see, foods to eat, and so on while we are here.  I have decided to go full Canadian mode for the next two weeks and fully submerge myself in everything there is to offer!  So throw your knowledge at me and give me everything you’ve got.  The current future plans include me going to the Distillery District today, also when EJ gets back at the end of the week, heading to dinner up in the tower and at some point taking the train down to Niagara Falls to well, see the falls.  So what are we missing?!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

What do you think?!

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