A Little Bit of Heaven at 27

In the time I have been missing from the blogging world I managed to age a bit haha, crazy to think I had a birthday just a couple of weeks ago.  It flew by in the mix of things, but it is true I did indeed add another year to my life resume.  Which of course had me thinking back to last year when we celebrated my birthday Estonia style, you can see that post here.

We arrived in Oregon just in time to help with the Singler Open, celebrate American Mother’s Day, and enjoy my birthday!  It started with a delicious breakfast at Good Bean Coffee, my go to bagel and latte shop in Jacksonville.  Once we got on the road out to Schmidt Family Vineyards we knew it would be a glorious spring day in Southern Oregon.  The sun was shining down on the green fields and lighting up the always scenic mountainous back drop of the valley.  Once we got to Schmidt it was nothing short of heaven.  I just love all of the outdoor seating they have to offer, a wonderful spacious patio, a truly impressive lawn, a beautiful garden and even a large pond with a sitting dock.  No matter where you choose to relax and enjoy your wine you with have a breathtaking view of the mountains that is hard to beat!  The aesthetics are top notch and so are the products, it is a wonderful venue for any occasion.  We feasted on some delicious wood fired pizza while we sipped through a few flights, and even managed to bring home some bottles to keep the tasty drinks flowing.  Easily my favorite winery venue in Southern Oregon I was overjoyed to get to spend the day there with EJ in honor of my 27th birthday.  We finished the day of with a wonderful dinner back in Medford with my parents, grandparents, brother, and his girlfriend out on the patio at Bambu.  I didn’t manage to snap any photos but we all left fat and happy that’s for sure.   What a wonderful day spent satisfying my taste buds and filling my heart with abounding love, cheers to the next year!

Image Source | barbaraGLEN

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