IMAGE | As a true lover of coffee, whenever I explore a new city I always make time to find a local cafe where I can enjoy a taste of the city.  This was my first Turkish coffee, enjoyed in Ankara!


I am passionate about searching out and soaking up the beauty of the world around me!

The Inspiration | Coming from the amazing state of Oregon, with a family that has always encouraged creativity and adventure,  it is easy for me to find beauty in everyday life.  I hope to encourage you to do the same, and to help add some visual excitement to your daily lives.

The Blog | This is my creative outlet to share with you the aesthetically pleasing bits and pieces of life that have a design and style that feed my soul.  From images of my daily life, to beautifully detailed events, you will soon see what it is that makes me tick.  And of course showing off amazing creative minds that inspire me with their awesome work in all fields of design. Because life is better with pretty pictures!  For a behind the scenes look, and sneak peaks at what is to come, head over to Instagram and follow @barbaraGLEN, as well as my personal account @bryndressler.

The Creator | I get crazy weird amounts of joy from designing and styling spaces for things as long lasting and personal as weddings, to everyday surroundings in home decor, or even things as short lived and manufactured as stylized photo shoots.  I could waist away endless days walking through home stores, paper shops, and art galleries, or even exploring a new city, just dreaming up new ideas and appreciating all those that have already arrived.  Equally so, I live for the days spent wandering around outside, learning about other cultures and looking at all the designs nature has created for us to enjoy.

You can find out more about the process that went into creating barbaraGLEN in this post.

What do you think?!

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